Rules and Regulations

1.    Must wear complete uniform at fielding practice (grey shirt, pants, yellow socks, belt and any hat)
2.    May wear shorts to batting, but shirt must be tucked in and it must be a grey shirt and can wear any hat.
3.    At fielding, parents must stay off the field unless asked to help by the coach in charge.
4.    At batting, parents must stay out of cages during practice unless asked to help by the coach in charge.
5.    Absolutely no outside coaching from parents during Contenders practice.
6.    If you don’t receive an email from a coach 2 hours before practice (canceling practice) you must show up to the practice. Please do not call the coach.
7.    Absence and tardiness will be dealt with accordingly.

1.    Players-You must be at the field no later than 45 minutes before game time.
2.    Players-Missing pre-game may result in not playing that game.
3.    Players-You must have sneakers or turfs to take batting practice in the cages. (No crocks or flip flops)
4.    Players-No throwing equipment on the field.
5.    Players-Do not use bad words on the field.
6.    Players-Do not ask the coach to play a position. That should happen at practice or before a game.
7.    Players- Do not talk to anyone outside the dugout while the game is going on.
8.    Players- Must respect whoever is in charge the same as they would the head off the Organization.
9.    Players- Must continue to attend Contenders functions when injured
10.    Parents-Make sure you provide all of your child’s drinks, gum, seeds, etc. prior to game time.
11.    Parents/Players-Absolutely no food in the dugout.
12.    Parents-you are spectators. “No coaching from the stands”
13.    Parents/Players- must follow park rules.
14.    Parent/Players-Absolutely no verbal abuse towards umpires or opposing teams players, coaches or parents.
15.    Parents-Absolutely no criticizing Contender players in the stands.
16.    Parents-Absolutely no criticizing Contender coaches in the stands; Play armchair quarterback elsewhere.
1.    Playing on other teams is allowed when:
a. We are notified before hand.
b. It doesn’t conflict with any Contenders function.
c. You confirm that it will not cause a pitching conflict with us.
d. Playing for a school team.
*These rules are put in place to keep players from taking advantage of our organization.
     2. Players must remain suited until they leave the park. (Shirts tucked in and hats on correctly)
3. Parents and players may only discuss playing time or positions with the coach when he or she has attended 90% or better of Contender functions.
      4. Any tournament (away trip) that requires a payment plan must be paid on the date designated by the head of the organization.
      5. Any deposits or payments for these trips are non-refundable donations to the South Florida Contenders.
      6. Parents may not contact head of tournaments or leagues for info. Head of Organization will provide all necessary info.
      7. Parents may not use Contender logo without permission from Head of Organization.
  8. Parents may not set up individual games, tournaments, practices, etc without permission of Head of Organization.
1. The Contenders year consists of three sessions (Fall, Spring and Summer).
    a. Fall is from the beginning of August to the end of December
    b. Spring is from the beginning of January to the end of May
    c. Summer is May, June and July
    *You are responsible for all costs during the sessions that you play.
2. Monthly fees are due no later than the 5th of every month.
3. If you child is injured and you wish to hold on to your child’s roster spot you are responsible to pay for the monthly fees for the time he is injured.
4. League fees and tournament fees are due when the Head of the Organization says.
5. There is a $30 fee for each bounced check.
6. If you pay in cash you must follow up with an email that you paid cash so there are no questions.